Mumbai Locals


You haven’t seen Mumbai’s most remarkable side,

Until you’ve been through an enthralling local ride.

Inheriting a variety of passengers having some rude souls to some really pretty,

It’s not for nothing that it’s nicknamed- ‘lifeline of the city’.

Where 08:13 is 08:13, not a minute more or less,

When one train would be called off the charts nobody can guess.

Having no assurance of whether all days may go according to plan,

It’s always a good decision to start as early as you can.

Instilling punctuality in an individual at it’s best,

It’s only during monsoons that the system slightly goes down to rest.

From beginning the journey to reaching a destination,

One can witness a plethora of human emotions.

Rediscovering the daredevil inside you that you never knew,

‘Cause one day you finally boarded a running train to become one of the very few.

Transforming non-peak hours to observe a bogie shopping spree,

Children can be found selling to earn for their happiness and glee.

The bhajan kirtans after a tiresome day is enough to win over your heart,

No other songs can be compared to these melodies in your ipod or mp3 cart.

The new folks seem confused after going through the Local-Lines Map,

While the regular folks can be spotted having a blissful nap.

Window seats are the ones which spontaneously get filled,

So the rest choose to stand footboard to enjoy the warm thrills of the wind.

Some shouting curses to get inside the crowded train with a brawl,

But to sum up it makes routine feel a less dreary overall.

Sometimes trains may get late,

Sometimes there are mishaps taking place,

With an equivalent probability of when a ticket-checker and another calamity will arrive,

The perpetual spirits and hopes of Mumbaikars is what keeps the city alive.


​When We Believed In People

It feels unusually weird to accept the rare fact that some of our beautiful memories are linked with people who are worst for us. With whom once,  every breath, every hour and every single day used to be magically astonishing. 

Remember the time when we used to believe in every random homo sapien we came across? 

Many would imagine that time to be Childhood.  However, the real period when such a deviant predicament persisted was the time when we were naive.

When we flew within the boundaries of life holding a limited experience. 

When we interacted with only a few countable people. 

When we used to not fear the consequences of trusting someone. 

When we were completely unaware of the beasty demons hiding behind their godly conjectures. 

When we used to not fear if the promises made would be broken by someone. 

When we had never allowed a second thought in keeping feelings for someone. 

When we had never felt like going on solo trips. 

When getting ignored by a person made us remarkably uncomfortable, 

Not like today when we are mature enough to make it anyway acceptable. 

When tears were fake and laughs were real,

Not when we hid our tears,

and laughter was only ideal.